K-9 Handler Deputy Nelson

Hello, my name is Deputy Dennis Nelson. I have been given the opportunity to become a K-9 handler for the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department. I started working for the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department in 2007. During my time with the department, I have had the chance to achieve many of my goals. I am an assistant team leader and training officer for the SWAT Team. I am also an EVOC instructor and have taught at the WITC academy. I have assisted Sgt. Al-Moghrabi and the K-9 program by serving as one of the decoys for Trace. The work I have done with Trace has been very fulfilling and has given me the confidence to work with a dog of my own.

This K-9 position is fully funded by the community. We are seeking $15,000 to secure spot in the Spring 2017 St. Paul Police Academy. If you are interested in making a monetary or other type of donation, please contact me at dnelson@sawyersheriff.org or 715-699-4805. Donations, as always, are only used for the K-9 program and are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to Sawyer County K-9.

We greatly appreciate your support of the Sawyer County K-9 Program!

Donations that have been received for Trace will remain with Trace. We are building the funds for the new dog and once both are working the streets donations will support them equally.

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