Award of Excellence

Pictured below is Deputy Shepard of the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department, who on October 23, 2015 responded to Towne View Road in the City of Hayward for an officer needing assistance call. After hearing yelling upon arrival and recognizing one of the voices coming from a City of Hayward Police Officer, Deputy Shepard entered the residence to find a large male subject who had the City Police Officer pinned against the wall with his forearm against the officer’s throat. After physically removing the subject and deploying his taser, Deputy Shepard and the City Officer again had to go hands on with the attacker. With the assistance of the City Officer they were able to gain control of the suspect and secure him with handcuffs.

Sheriff Kelsey along with Chief Clapero believe Deputy Shepard’s actions prevented serious physical harm or worse to the City Officer. Because of his quick actions and willingness to disregard his own safety to assist a fellow officer Deputy Shepard received the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office Award of Excellence. Thank you to Deputy Shepard and job well done.

Lucas Shepard

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