Sheriff Mark Kelsey

Sheriff Mark Kelsey

Welcome to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department website.

We are dedicated to providing the safest environment and highest level of service possible in an effort to improve the quality of life for all citizens and visitors of Sawyer County. It is our goal, through innovative leadership and a partnership with those whom we serve, to enforce all laws, deter criminal activity, protect life and property and maintain order. The men and women of the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department are dedicated to provide our citizens and visitors with a safe environment to live, work and play. Enjoy all that Sawyer County has to offer and be safe.

Sheriff Mark Kelsey

National Telecommunicator’s Week

The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office is proud to recognize our 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatchers during National Telecommunicator’s Week, April 13-19, 2014.  Here we reference ‘A Tribute To Dispatchers’ by Chief Thomas Wagoner of the Loveland, Colorado Police Department. I believe he explains their job the best when he wrote:
“Dispatchers connect the anxious conversations of terrified victims, angry informants, suicidal citizens and grouchy officers. They are the calming influence of all of them-the quiet, competent voices in the night that provide the pillars for the bridges of sanity and safety. They are expected to gather information from highly agitated people who can’t remember where they live, what their name is, or what they just saw. And then, they are to calmly provide all that information to the officers, firefighters, or paramedics without error the first time and every time.
Dispatchers are expected to be able to do five things at once-and do them well. While questioning a frantic caller, they must type the information into a computer, tip off another dispatcher, put another caller on hold, and listen to an officer run a plate for a parking problem. To miss the plate numbers is to raise the officer’s ire; to miss the caller’s information may be to endanger the same officer’s life. But, the officer will never understand that.
Dispatchers have two constant companions, other dispatchers and stress. They depend on one, and try to ignore the other. They are chastened by upset callers, taken for granted by the public, and criticized by the officers. The rewards they get are inexpensive and infrequent, except for the satisfaction they feel at the end of a shift, having done what they were expected to do.”
During 2013, Sawyer County’s Dispatchers transmitted or received 240,751 radio transmissions, answered 9333 9-1-1 calls and 69,512 non-emergency phone calls from the public that resulted in 15,838 calls for service. They are there when no one else is; they are the voice on the line, the light at the end of the tunnel to know that help is on the way. They are truly the unsung heroes of Public Safety and we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the department, residents and visitors of Sawyer County!
Here we recognize the Dispatchers of Sawyer County and their service:
Bob Sabin                            23 years of service
Ryan Villiard                       16 ½ years of service
Lynette Poppe                  11 ½  years of service
Dick Welsch                        4 ½  years of service
Cory Sulley                          2 ½  years of service
Nicole Raschka                  2 ½  years of service
Amy Walter                        2  years of service
Savannah Stanley            1 year of service

Chippewa Valley Bank phone scam

The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints reference a phone scam.

The phone call says it is Chippewa Valley Bank and your debit card has been locked, cancelled or frozen. The caller is requesting information about your account. Please do not give your information out.

We have checked with Chippewa Valley Bank and this is not being done by them, this is a phone scam.

Remember; never give your personal information out to anyone. Your bank will not request this information over the phone; that should be the first clue that this is a scam.  If someone does requests your information and claims they are from your bank, just hang up and call your bank back to verify the request is real.

Financial scams

Be aware of a couple financial scams still circulating.

One is a letter received through the mail from Gainsborough Services Inc., stating the recipient has been selected to participate in a paid consumer research program.  The recipient is to deposit a check (included in mailing) in their checking account, wait 24 hours and then withdraw a specific amount and wire the amount using Western Union to the “assigned receiving agent.”

In reality the original check will be bad and the recipient will be sending their own money to the swindler.

The second scam is circulated through e-mail.  A person’s e-mail list is hacked and all of their contacts are e-mailed that their family/friend is being held captive in a location and they need money to be set free.   This type of scam can play on a person’s emotions because it is posed as believable and involves a loved one.  Please do not act on this e-mail without first trying to contact your loved one to verify their safety.

If you receive any potential scams and would like any help deciphering whether they are legit or not, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Deputy and K-9 partner graduate academy

Deputy Nick Al-Moghrabi and his K-9 partner Trace completed their drug detection certification on November 27, 2013 at the canine training academy in St. Paul, MN. Deputy Al-Moghrabi and Trace will continue to serve the residents of Sawyer County in now another aspect.  Trace is trained on many drugs and will continue to be an instrumental asset to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office and our fight against crime.  Thank you and congratulations Deputy Al-Moghrabi and Trace!