Sheriff Mark Kelsey

Sheriff Mark Kelsey

Welcome to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department website.

We are dedicated to providing the safest environment and highest level of service possible in an effort to improve the quality of life for all citizens and visitors of Sawyer County. It is our goal, through innovative leadership and a partnership with those whom we serve, to enforce all laws, deter criminal activity, protect life and property and maintain order. The men and women of the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department are dedicated to provide our citizens and visitors with a safe environment to live, work and play. Enjoy all that Sawyer County has to offer and be safe.

Sheriff Mark Kelsey

4th of July celebration

Sheriff Mark Kelsey and the staff at the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!!

We also would like to remind you of a few safety tips and regulations regarding fireworks.

*Alcohol and fireworks do not mix well.  Most injuries involving fireworks also involve alcohol.

*Any firework which leaves the ground after ignited requires a permit.

*permits may only be issued by a mayor, village president, town chair, or a municipal employee they have designated

*permits issued by fireworks vendors with either a pre printed, stamped or printed signature of the local official are not valid or legal

*the permit is only valid in the jurisdiction it was issued and may require a bond or insurance

*permit must specify the kind and quantity of fireworks allowed to be used or possessed, the location of where fireworks can be used and possessed, must have a specific date of use for the fireworks and specific date of purchase.

*persons with a valid permit may transport fireworks from the place they were purchased to the jurisdiction their use has been permitted.

*possession, use, or selling to a person without a valid permit is subject to a forfeiture of up to $1000.00.  Each firework used or possessed may be a separate violation.

*a parent or guardian allowing a minor to use or possess is also subject to a forfeiture.

*Independence should be an enjoyable celebration for everyone.  If you do use fireworks remember to clean up your mess and use them at reasonable times.



Asphalt gypsy scam

The asphalt scammers that travel throughout our area are rumored to be back.  Some names they identify themselves with are; A & S Asphalt Paving of WI Dells, Joles Paving and King’s paving. These names are not exclusive.  They change their names in an effort to deceive people.  The “gypsy pavers” are known to prey on the elderly.  Their method of operation is to get a person to sign a contract for work and then complete the work unsatisfactorily and inflate the price.  If you are approached by these individuals, the best way to not become another victim is to tell them you are not interested and contact local law enforcement.  If you truly want asphalt work done, find a reputable provider and contact them.  Do not accept and pay for business from someone who seeks you out.